Enigma Esprit Titanium



Rider Size 5'6'' - 6'0'' (168-183cm)


(6 customer reviews)

£40.00 / day

£60 / 2 days | £90 / 3 days | £30 / each additional day

“This popular bike with a classic Italian-style frame gives a great titanium ride.”

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  • Enigma Esprit Titanium 56 frame
  • Campagnolo Record compact front gear 11-29 cassette
  • Pianni wheels with Bontrager tyres
  • Carbon forks

6 reviews for Enigma Esprit Titanium

  1. Pete

    I hired this bike after having a catastrophic failure with my personal bike hence needing to hire a bike during a cycling trip in the Lakes. This is the bike John sorted me out with and performed very well throughout the time I had with it including taking me up some of the most difficult climbs in the UK (Hardknott Pass/The Struggle etc). If it can handle that I’m sure this bike can handle anything in the Lakes and more. Great bike and good experience with Lake District Bikes.

  2. john sutcliffe

    Rated five star by Bike Radar and many other reviews they say “This fast and sext thoroughbred is beautifully balanced” and “A fabulous ride”. This Enigma Esprit has given many of my bike hire clients fantastic rides around the Lake District, who always return to Lowick with a large grin on their face. Try it and see for yourself.All hire fees are refunded against any Enigma new bike purchase.

  3. Ed Vargo

    A perfect ride, Britain’s Best ride with the Blea Tarn extension, guided by John. Definitely the highlight of our trip to the UK from the USA.
    But Wrynose Pass got the better of me and I has to walk up the 30% pitch, I’m Not used to hills never mind these Lake District Passes.
    This titanium Enigma bike was awesome, all my friends in the USA are jealous.

  4. Scott

    This bike is great! My drivechain on my carbon road bike developed a fault the day before the Fred Whitton and John offered me the Enigma on the spot. Such a comfortable ride that the miles flew by! I cannot recommend this bike enough for an all day ride on the Cumbrian roads! Thanks again John.

  5. James Hamm

    I hired this bike for a ride that included snow, rain, and steep ascents/descents. The bike performed wonderfully and was maintained to a very high standard. Perfect shifting, braking, and handling and fast on the flats. Would hire again and recommend highly to anybody in the area.

  6. jamie macmamara

    This Enigma Titanium framed bike is a beauty.A really smooth ride perfectly suited to the roads of the South Lake District.
    A real pleasure to ride,and John set it up for me perfectly.

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