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"I have found John Sutcliffe very professional, someone who will go the extra mile to see you get the best from your experience of cycling in the Lake District. His bikes are modern, powerful and in good condition, he is knowledgable and helpful, I can recommend him confidently." - Keith Pimm


"I am a 67 grandmother, holidaying in the Lake District with my 2 sons and their families, and the “lads” treated me to a day out cycling with them, booking with John.  I am an electric bike fan, but the lads booked ordinary bikes for themselves.  John took an executive decision and issued the 3 of us with electrics - the lads were soon converted!  John has a shed full of bikes of all sorts - ours were fat tyre off roaders - all were in extremely good condition and clean - not always the case when I have rented elsewhere in the world!  I had asked for off-road riding, with as little on-road as possible, and John obliged - we had a wonderful day out, challenging for me - thrilling for my sons!  John was the best of guides - always watching how we were doing, keeping us challenged but safe, proactively explaining what the stretch ahead might contain, especially when on-road, stopping from time to time along the way to explain local points of interest.   I can thoroughly recommend John as a guide for cyclists of any age and ability.  You will not only enjoy your day of cycling but come away with a deeper understanding of the history and people of the Lake District.  Thank you John." - Anne


"I really enjoyed riding the Enigma, it seemed to cope with all those bumps on the roads much better than the carbon frames I'm used to. The gears were really great as well and I even liked the red bar tape. I honestly might have to investigate titanium a bit more.

I did quite a lot of miles in the end, 75 on Saturday, 70 yesterday and 45 today. I had forgotten how many hills there are here. Sunday I did quite a long walk taking advantage of the good weather." - Jonathan


"We had a great experience with Lake District Bikes. The door to door service was much appreciated since we were staying in another town and were without a car. They provided two guides for us, one for me and one for my wife. John served as my guide for Britain’s Best Ride on a gorgeous day. He was a great cycling partner and a pleasure to be with. He not only kept me on course through the many beautiful country lanes we pedaled, but he shared his knowledge of the history and culture of the area, made sure we stopped at the scenic overlooks (which were spectacular), and even took photos of me so I could share my experience with others. My Enigma Esprit was a joy to ride. The ride was beyond expectations both in terms of the incredible landscape and the leg burning climbs. It was definitely one of my best days ever on a bike. My wife’s guide Margaret was equally delightful and they enjoyed a day cycling through gentler but no less picturesque terrain. Being able to shower on site after our ride was also appreciated. I definitely recommend Lake District Bikes for an unforgettable cycling experience." - Ed, Texas


"I would highly recommend Lake District Bikes. John was very welcoming, he gave instructions on how to operate the bike which was very easy and was great fun, he also recommended a few routes to try. We had a great time cycling around Coniston, Hawkshead and through Grizdale Forest. I could not have done this without the hire of one of John’s electric bikes, I hired one of his Trek Powerfly bikes and thoroughly enjoyed our day out,

Thanks for a great day John" - Trish


"I highly recommend both John and Lake District Bikes. The experience was wonderful, from start to finish.

I was coming from the USA to the Lake District, and wanted to get in a few days of riding. John helped with everything, from the bike to routes and more. He was friendly, he was quick to respond, and his equipment is in excellent condition.

This is a great service. I will definitely be using John again and recommend it to anyone who is considering hiring a bike." - Ben, USA


"I would definitely recommend using Lake District Bikes.  They provided us with great value quality road bikes in fine working order.  Pick up and payment were easy and there's almost immediate and great access to the Lakes and passes on quiet roads from their base.  We had a variety of people in our group and there was no problem in sourcing the right kit.  We will definitely be using LDB again - fantastic service. Thanks." - Matt, Dorset


"I hired the Trek Powerfly 5 electric bike from John. I had a great time cycling around Coniston waters and that put a big smile on my face. The electric bike was just marvelous in helping me pedal the bike with its four different levels of power - Eco,Tour,Sport and Turbo. I was able to go further than I could have ever achieved by simple mountain bike. I covered up to 35miles in just 2 hours - all uphill roads in Lake district which I would have never have been able to climb in regular bike. I liked the bike so much that I have already placed an order for trek powerfly 7 model.

John is friendly and very helpful with the cycling tips and knowledge local cycling area around the Coniston water lake. John and his electric bikes are highly recommended." - Ken