Price List

 Per Day2 Days3 Days6 Days
Flagship Road E-Bikes:£60£100£150£300
Flagship Mountain E-Bikes (full suspension):£70£130£190£380
Mountain E-Bikes (full suspension):£59£99£150£290
Flagship Mountain E-Bike (hardtail):£65£120£180£350
Mountain E-Bike (hardtail):£49£90£135£250
Hybrid Leisure E-Bike:£46£88£130£250
Flagship Road Bikes:£45£80£110£200
Road Bikes (Titanium & Carbon):£30£50£75£140
Ladies Road Bikes:£30£50£75£140
Gravel Bikes:£35£60£86£160
Mountain Bikes (full suspension):£50£90£135£260
Mountain Bikes (hardtail):£38£70£100£190
Hybrid Leisure Bikes:£28£50£75£140
Children’s Bikes:£20£30£40£80
Guided RidesPrice
Morning:£55 (2-3 hour ride) + £30 each additional person (Start time 10:30)
Afternoon:£55 (2-3 hour ride) + £30 each additional person (Start time 13:30)
Whole Day:£110 (5-6 hour ride with lunch break) + £60 each additional person (Start time 10:30)

There is a £20 surcharge for longer rides over the Lakeland Passes; if you’re unsure about this, please contact John.

Insurance: It is recommended that you obtain insurance cover through your household or holiday policies.