Why Should You Buy Titanium?

by | Dec 9, 2019 | News

Today titanium framed bikes are far more affordable, but generally are still more expensive than aluminium or steel framed bikes. So what is it about titanium that makes it the ultimate metal in cycling? Just why do I hold it in such esteem and what makes it worth the extra money? So what is it that makes titanium such a fine fit for bike frames? What are the reasons to buy a titanium framed bike?

Firstly, durability. A properly made titanium frame such as all those offered by ENIGMA in the UK should last a lifetime when manufactured in titanium.

Secondly, weight. Titanium is lighter and stronger than its nearest metal rival… steel.

Thirdly, ride quality. It’s well known that titanium has great dampening qualities to ensure the smoothest of rides without compromising performance.

Fourthly, stiffness. A well built Enigma titanium frame is extremely stiff which improves power transfer and results in better pedalling efficiency without compromising ride comfort.

Fifthly, corrosion resistant. Titanium does not rot,rust or oxidize as other metal frames do. Maintenance is very easy with a quick squirt of WD40 and the frame will look like new.

Finally, titanium is tough. Really tough, and will withstand impacts that would write off most frames built from standard materials.

The frames built by ENIGMA are stunning and are vailable in a variety of finishes to compliment the raw naked beauty of Titanium. The reason the cost of titanium framed bikes is higher than most steel of carbon frames is two fold. The material itself is very expensive and requires special skills and equipment to build titanium frames. ENIGMA, down in Sussex have all these elements in house to build exceptional titanium frames. An Enigma titanium framed bike is a long term investment in your cycling future, a trusted companion for life! Join me on the ENIGMA EXPERIENCE and enjoy every ride.

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