Grizedale Forest: Off Road Mountain Biking

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The forests, mountains and fells of the Lake District offer some of the most exciting off-road routes in the UK. There are rides for everyone to discover the freedom of off-road exploration on mountain bikes. There are rides from easy to moderate to advanced all within Grizedale Forest on the fire roads and trail routes and the routes to and from this forest.

You are never far from lakes, tarns, streams, tiny fields separated by dry stone walls, ancient deciduous forests, scattered farm houses, small villages often with their local pub, all situated in the many valleys that dissect the open views from the fells and hills.

By linking the valleys lanes and bridleways with those traversing the the lower fells there are numerous circuits radiating from our hire base in Lowick, which lead you to and from Grizedale Forest.

On arrival at our hire base I discuss routes suitable to your fitness and skills and supply routes with maps to ensure you have a great ride. Most of riders are unanimous in their comments that getting to and from Grizedale Forest offers the best variety of riding with stunning views over Morecambe Bay and Coniston Water.

Lake District Bikes – Our Codes of Practice for Grizedale Forest

  1. Only ride where you know you have a legal right.
  2. Always yield to horses and pedestrians, and warn of your approach.
  3. Avoid animals and crops as sheep and cattle roam freely on the fells and in fields.
  4. Take all litter home, keep the Laker District pristine and litter free.
  5. Leave gates as found, ensuring closed gates are firmly closed behind you.
  6. Keep noise down, be friendly to people you meet especially local farmers.
  7. Don’t get annoyed with anyone, it never solves problems.
  8. Never create a fire hazard, at times it can be very dry in the Lake District.
  9. Dress appropriately for the ride ahead, wear a helmet and gloves.
  10. Always try to be self sufficient for yourself and your bike as you will be in isolated terrain.
  11. Cycle within your abilities, don’t do stupid things.
  12. Always follow signs and diversions in the forest, routes are often closed.
  13. If a lorry is loading timber stop and wait until safe to pass, there is  regular tree felling.
  14. Expect the unexpected as Grizedale is a working forest, you never know what’s next.
  15. The forest is for everyone please be aware of runners, dogs and walkers.
  16. Protect and treat with respect all wildlife, flora and fauna everywhere.
  17. Ride with respect for everyone and everything.

We are allowed to cycle OFF-ROAD in Grizedale Forest and on:

  • Bridleways
  • Designated Cycle ways
  • Green Roads
  • Unclassified country roads
  • On forest fire roads
  • Country lanes and main roads
  • Signed forest trails in Grizedale Forest

Fortunately here in the south of the Lake District we have many ancient bridleways established centuries ago by the native Fell ponies, unclassified roads and forests trail centres such as these tracks and trails in Grizedale Forest. The E-Mtn bikes either hard tail or full suspension are her best for a days exploration to and from Grizedale Forest, where there are inevitable steep climbs out of the valleys.

Off road Mountain Bike Safety: Life carries a risk!  

Mountain biking off road is potentially hazardous and carries a significant amount of risk. It is therefore essential to use your common sense at all times as you are responsible for your safety and to return the hired bike in the condition you accepted it. This risk and riding the unknown is an essential part of off road riding, but it is your responsibility to ride within you capabilities.

Off Road Bikes to Hire

We have a very comprehensive fleet of both hard tail and full suspension bikes to suit every size and type of cyclist. Click here for more.

Guided off road adventures

Our local guides take you for a full or half day off road adventure specially geared for your enjoyment. Click here for more.

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