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E-Bike Myths Debunked

Are you in the market for an E-bike but not sure just how they work?Or what you need to ride an E-Bike on the road? The hire E-Bikes offer you the ideal opportunity to try cycling on one for a day without any sales pressure as we hire bikes and do not sell new E-Bikes so my view is very impartial.

Here are a few E-Bike facts;

  1. No tax or insurance is required to be legal on the UK roads
  2. Just like a normal road bike no licence is needed either
  3. Pedal assisted E -Bikes boost your power as you pedal. Stop pedalling and the power stops too, so its safe and easy to ride and handle.
  4. Works exactly like a normal geared road bike when the power assistance is turned off.
  5. All my Bosch motors on the E-Bikes have 4 different power modes ,giving you just the amount of power you need when you need it.
  6. Children need to be 14 years or older to legally ride an E-Bike on UK roads
  7. The maximum speed of assistance is 15mph go down hill at 16 mph and the motors assistance automatically turns off.

Hire an E-bike from my fleet and experience for yourself the pleasures of cycling longer,further and with out as much effort ,but remember no power without pedalling!

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Enigma Titanium Echo Bike to Race Around Ireland

This round Ireland race of 1,350 miles with 22,000 meters of ascent to be completed in 132 hours is a true test of rider and bike. Father and son are doing a relay duet with always one of them on the road while the other rests. James has hire the Enigma Echo titanium 59 bike as he has ridden it in the Lakes while visiting his dad Norman in Coniston. The bike has been completely serviced prior to this race with new DT Swiss RR 55 wheels, new Continental 4 seasons tires ,and a complete new drive train. Enigma Bike works have donated an Enigma shirt for James to wear during this epic race.

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

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Fred Whitton Challenge 2019… ENIGMA Evoke

The 2019 Fred Whitton annual challenge is regarded as the toughest one day sportive in the UK. This year the riders were rewarded by a perfect day,blue skies, no rain, no wind, and a warm temperature, the weather could not have been better. Mark was riding the “Fred ” for the first time after starting cycling in 2018.He saw this as a distant goal, and after being accepted for the “Fred” upped his training, nutrition, and attitude to cycling. His new Enigma Titanium Evoke bike with the most recent Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset consisting of a compact front mec and a 11-34 cassette offered the optimum gears for attempting all the passes.

“The best day ever on a bike” was Marks spluttered remarks on completing the “Fred” in less than his target 8 hours. “Everything was perfect,the weather, my preparation and my Enigma is a fantastic bike, I love it”.

“Roll on next year I want to do it again but faster now I know I can do it, and know the route”. You need a certain selfishness to train for months and put in the time to complete the “Fred”. But as all cyclists know time on a bike is their time, time for themselves to ride at whatever speed and effort suits their individuality. Keep Cycling… keep fit.

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Two New Ladies Bikes Added to the Hire Fleet

Two Trek bikes, a Trek Lexa with a 50 frame size for ladies betwen 5 ft and 5 ft 4, and a Carbon framed Trek 48 frame size for the smallest of lady riders. The Lexa will be permanently fitted with a pannier carrier and is geared nicely for touring the Lakes and Yorkshire Dales. These two Trek additions to my hire fleet will fill a gap in the ladies bike range. This ladies range, coupled with the mens range, now offers female cyclists a vast range of sizes from the smallest 48 frame up to a massive 60 frame.

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Hunt 50 Carbon Wide Aero Wheel

Quote the review in Cycling weekly “an impressive ride at a very competitive price”. I have a pair of these wheels which I ride in summer on the Enigma Excell Disc bike. I must say I am impressed especially with the wheels seeming indifference to cross winds. One of my regular rides is along the shores of Morecambe Bay where the off- shore winds can be ferocious. Other deep rimmed wheels would have had me all over the road,in fact totally dangerous in such cross winds.They are here to be tried on the Enigma disc bikes and I can supply them to you with the trail fee knocked off the price.

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Book an Enigma Bike for the Fred Whitton Challenge

My stable of Enigma bikes all have the experience to guide you over the passes ahead of you in ” The Fred”. These light titanium frames coupled with shimano ultegra gears give you the optimum chance to climb theses steep ramps. All attired with Continental 4 Seasons tyres they are ready to withstand everything the weather will through at you… except ice. Think about it, is your bike up to this challenge? Are you up to this challenge on your bike? Give yourself a better opportunity of completing “The Fred” in a great time on an Enigma bike.

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Winter Training in the European Sunshine

A week in Lanzarote in December followed by a week inland near Spain’s Costa Blanca was a welcome break to training on the Tacx turbo trainer. We were very fortunate to have good dry sunny weather but was somewhat surprised at the frost on the climbs in Spain. Yes the climbs to the “port” (that’s the summit of a climb) were all gritted due to frozen morning roads! When abroad, Margaret my wife, is the guide and she always manages to find an off-road section for our road bikes,but we always get back to base.

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HUNT Wheels… Cumbrian Agents

Highly rated road and MTB wheels in all the reviews in cycling magazines.I ride on Hunt wheels my self on my Enigma Excel having a 4 seasons set for every day riding and a deep rim carbon disc wheel set for speeding about .All the Hunt wheel range is very reasonably priced and I can supply any of the wheels in their extensive range.Most of the new Enigma bikes are specked from the Enigma factory with Hunt wheels. Quality needs quality.

I recommend Hunt wheels to upgrade your current bike or on any new bike. Hunt wheels are on several bikes in the hire fleet available for you to try.


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John Featured in Cycling Weekly

After having been bitten by an infected tick in the summer of 2017, John was featured in the March 28th issue of Cycling Weekly to highlight this increasing issue of Lymes Disease.

This comprehensive article highlights the problems associated with Lymes Disease and how its symptoms vary from person to person. Hopefully, after a months dose of high potency antibiotics, the disease has been flushed from John’s body.

Currently, in spring 2018, John is back on his bike after several months training inside on his TACX turbo trainer looking forward to the warm spring weather and a busy summer for Lake District Bikes.

Lymes Disease: Essential Advice

  • If you have been bitten by a tick (or think you might have been) and experience flu-like symptoms, tell your doctor – they may not put two and two together.
  • Cover your legs or use insect repellent if you’re somewhere ticks are likely to be present.
  • If you see a tick on your body, get rid of it as soon as possible. Sutcliffe made a mental note of when he was bitten.
  • Just because you don’t have a big red rosette-shaped rash around the tick bite, it doesn’t mean you aren’t infected.
  • Get back into your cycling gradually – you may feel weak and under the weather for several weeks, even months. Sutcliffe used an electric bike until he regained full strength.