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Guided Off Road Bike Rides in 2021

We will be offering guided off road rides in three different levels; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. There will be different options for ‘just guided’ or ‘guided with instruction’. This is following a trial run in 2020 when riders on these rides found them so very beneficial for their off road technique and confidence.

We are here to help you get more out of not only your days cycling in the Lake District but also for your years of future cycling.

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New Mountain Bikes for Hire Coming in 2021

My hire fleet will be extended in 2021 with addition of some full suspension bikes. This will include the TREK RAIL 5 E BIKE and the TREK 7 LS E BIKE both of which will offer off road riders new opportunities. The Trek Rail has the new Bosch Gen 4 motor coupled with a larger 625 battery to let you ride for longer and harder. These E-Bikes are complimented by the addition of the Rocky Mountain and Titus conventional Mountain bikes both with full suspension. To further add to the mountain bike fleet several top end hardtail titanium framed bikes will also be available to hire in 2021.

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COVID-19 Closes Us Down Again – November 2020

Due to the new restrictions announced today the bike hire will close from midnight on 4/11/2020 for at least a month. As soon as people are allowed to return to the Lake District we will reopen, and remain open during the Winter and Spring.

I want to thank all my customers over the summer and autumn, many of whom have visited the Lake District for the first time. The bike hire has never been so busy. Thank you all for coming, for hiring the bikes and leaving such glowing reviews on Google and TripAdvisor.

I’m already laying plans for 2021 with several new E-bikes and many additions to the hard tail titanium Mountain bike fleet. There is also a new addition to the Enigma Experience with the addition of the 52 Titanium framed Enigma Elle specially designed for lady cyclists. For the off road enthusiasts, ready to ride the many off road trails leading to and from Grizedale forest there are the addition of some full suspension MTN bikes with very high specifications.

I look forward to the new season in 2021 with enthusiasm and hope that we can all together help reduce this Covid -19 pandemic to a mere trickle. I fear it will never totally disappear, but all virus have a timed life as Foot And Mouth miraculously disappeared from farms in 2001. Let’s hope there is some ray of truth in this optimism.

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Cycling in the South Lake District – Grizedale Forest

A new route has been developed due to the closure of the road on the East side of Coniston Water to all traffic except for access. This is now a great opportunity for almost vehicle free cycling for 8 miles along the shores of Coniston Water, one if Englands largest lakes. This road leads directly to the top of Hawkshead Hill from where the trails of Grizedale Forest are immediately accessible. This new route which leads back to Lowick via Oxen Park is the “Ride of the Year”, because so many of my clients are so delighted with so much to see and experience in the day. Wether riding a hired e-bike or on a hired gravel or mountain bike this ride is ’dooable ’for everyone in 4-5 hours. The time and distance depends on how much time you want to spend cycling in the spiders web of tracks and single tracks in Grizedale Forest. I supply full ride details and maps in full colour with hire bikes. Why not try a guided ride with one of my guides to have an even more enjoyable days cycling? See the guides on this web site.

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Grizedale Mountain Bikes… Closed?

Yes, due to a change of rental contact with the Forestry Commission the Bike hire in Grizedale is closed until the new tenants have the opportunity to refurbish/restock and reopen at the end of this summer.

Here at Lake District Bikes we have Gravel Bikes, Hard Tail Mountain Bikes, and Hard Tail E-Bikes to hire to help fill this bike hire void. As the buzzard soars we are situated only 3 miles from the southern edge of Grizedale Forest, with some great off road routes to link to the trails in Grizedale Forest.

The Grizedale bike hire adventures starting from our base in Lowick offer a great days cycling with the following advantages: FREE PARKING while hiring a bike, FREE bike wash if your friends are bringing their own bike, on site toilet facilities, and the opportunity for a complimentary shower at the end of the day [for bike hire clients only. Please note that all bikes must be pre booked via the online booking portal on this web site where each hire bike needs to be booked as an individual item and the off road supplement is applicable to all off road hires.

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Pandemic COVID-19 Update… Bike Hire Reopening 

We intend to reopen for bike hire on the 1st July 2020; government policy permitting. There will be strict measures in place to try to ensure the good health of all cyclists hiring bikes these will be as follows.

  1. All bikes for hire must be pre booked and paid for in advance via the online booking portal on this web site.
  2. All clients booking bikes will be individually contacted by email to confirm the booking and arrange a collection time.
  3. Collection times will be staggered to try to ensure minimal contact with other clients hiring bikes on the same day.
  4. The minimum hire period is for one days hire, or multiple days thereof.
  5. All bikes will be full cleaned and wiped down with appropriate cleaning products to minimise any bacterial transfer between clients.
  6. Return of the bikes at the end of hire will be agreed at the time of hire.

I ask for full cooperation from all hirers to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during this transitional period. Parking and toilet facilities on site will remain available. I look forward to welcoming you all to this beautiful part of the Lake District National Park.

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COVID-19 Update

We are shut down in isolation as the pandemic continues to spread throughout the world. Yet we are still receiving phone calls from people wishing to travel to the Lake District to hire bikes. These attempts are in direct contradiction to the government’s movement restrictions. The Lake District National Park is, in effect, closed to all but essential travel.

My family and I are very fortunate to be in the situation as to be able to get out on our bikes. We have been investigating and mapping new off road rides for MTB E-bikes and covering the Lakeland lanes on our Enigma titanium road bikes. Yet we know the virus is very close as my daughter Beth a nurse has been treating cases of COVID-19 in her hospital in Kendal. We all remain very vigilant and adhere to the government guidelines to try to bring this pandemic to an end. But the end is not in the immediate future and I cannot forsee the bikes being available for hire until the end of the summer.

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Cycling Art in the Lake District

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Wellness Cycling in the Lake District

Whatever the weather, cycling in the Lake District is a wellness adventure. What better than taking in the fresh air, blown in by the prevailing westerly winds than the Lake District? Now recognised as a World Heritage Site, this is the way to improve your wellness while cycling through the beautiful varied landscape of quiet South Cumbria. Take a guided cycling wellness adventure or just cycle off, self-guided, we have a vast array of bikes to make sure your cycling is perfect. Want to cover more miles with lass effort, then the E-Bikes are for you with batteries to assist you throughout a day’s cycling.

We are here to help and ensure you have a great wellness cycling adventure in the Lake District National Park.

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Helmets while Cycling do Make Sense