Sir Bradley Wiggins – ‘itis’

by | Jun 14, 2013 | News

So the Giro in Italy, plagued by bad weather, is almost over and our favorite had to retire. How Bradley Wiggins managed to pedal for so long with such an acute chest/nasal infection is very creditable. Here in Cumbria I have taken two weeks off my bike, as I too have been struck down by a similar “bug”.
Where does this Bradleyitis come from?
Well mine came from my grandchildren via my daughter, fresh from the local school. I guess Bradley could have caught it from his children as according to the press they were in Mallorca when he was training for the Giro. Such are the pitfalls of cycle racing and to win so many planets have to line up in your favour. [ I cured mine with whiskey and Stones ginger wine! But Bradley had to resort to antibiotocs to stay legal]
Here in the Lake District everything is now a verdant green as May ends and June is upon us. This year spring is very late, and talking to the local farmers, we all reckon we are a month to five weeks behind a normal spring. What we all need is some dry warm sunshine!
Road biking is proving very popular in the Lake District with the country lanes illuminated by scattered fluorescent cyclists. Now the leaves are on the trees the dark cast shadows in the leafy lanes make brightly coloured cyclists the safe ones. How difficult it is to see a cyclist dressed in black in the shadows.
Ride safely – be seen.
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