Road Bike of the Year 2020?

by | Dec 4, 2020 | News

The new addition to the bike hire fleet in 2020 ,the Trek Domane + LTE bike is my pick. This Carbon framed bike in the 54 size with the Bosch Performance Cruise motor and 500w power tube battery is made for all day road cycling adventures.

The Trek Domane + Carbon Electric road bike is a drop bar out and out electric road bike that makes longer, faster road rides possible and very very enjoyable. The carbon frame with Trek’s unique Isospeed and a stable endurace geometry, assists the powerfull Bosch drive system for speeds of up to 15 mph with electrical assist. This sleek design with integrated lighting makes this Trek Domane +  the ideal ride for cyclists who want speed , all road performance and endless style. After all when the E-power kicks in when climbing you have more energy left for speedy descents and powering at speeds of over 15 mph on the flats. Therefore as you only use battery power at speeds up to 15 mph I have suggested rides of over 100 miles are possible.

The Trek lightweight 500 series OCLV carbon frame that encases the 500Wh battery.The battery supplies all the power need for a days cycling to the Bosch Performance Cruise motor. Batteries of this size re unique to this Bosch system and infinitely longer lasting than other in frame systems available at the moment, hence the projected milage. The Bosch Purion controls offering four levels of E-power are very easy to use. The Sram Force 1×11 drive train offers a range of gears to compliment the E-Power yet enables you to easily exceed 15mph on the flats and sped down hill. But you need to be able to stop and the hydraulic disc brakes are perfect. On the Trek Domane + we hire it also as Carbon wheels an expensive upgrade from the Trek’s standard specification.

All in all I have had my most enjoyable days cycling on this bike during 2020, a year punctuated by Covid-19 lockdowns, a year when the bike hire has been closed for 4 months. Yet I look forward to 2021 with optimism with the largest fleet of multi use hire bikes  available in South Cumbria.

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