John Featured in Cycling Weekly

by | Mar 30, 2018 | News

After having been bitten by an infected tick in the summer of 2017, John was featured in the March 28th issue of Cycling Weekly to highlight this increasing issue of Lymes Disease.

This comprehensive article highlights the problems associated with Lymes Disease and how its symptoms vary from person to person. Hopefully, after a months dose of high potency antibiotics, the disease has been flushed from John’s body.

Currently, in spring 2018, John is back on his bike after several months training inside on his TACX turbo trainer looking forward to the warm spring weather and a busy summer for Lake District Bikes.

Lymes Disease: Essential Advice

  • If you have been bitten by a tick (or think you might have been) and experience flu-like symptoms, tell your doctor – they may not put two and two together.
  • Cover your legs or use insect repellent if you’re somewhere ticks are likely to be present.
  • If you see a tick on your body, get rid of it as soon as possible. Sutcliffe made a mental note of when he was bitten.
  • Just because you don’t have a big red rosette-shaped rash around the tick bite, it doesn’t mean you aren’t infected.
  • Get back into your cycling gradually – you may feel weak and under the weather for several weeks, even months. Sutcliffe used an electric bike until he regained full strength.

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