The Enigma Titanium Experience

I have been riding titanium framed bikes for the last 20 years, the last decade on an Enigma Excel Titanium framed bike. My range of Enigma Titanium frame sizes from 60 cm to 53 cm offer you the opportunity to ride a bike that will fit you perfectly.

Why the Enigma Titanium Experience? Unless you ride them you cannot experience all the pleasures involved with these unique bikes.So quiet, so smooth, so responsive, so comfortable, so unable to be fully described in words. You have to ride the Enigma Titanium bikes in the Lake District for the full experience. I want you to share my enthusiasm and my experiences with these Enigma bikes.

Some of these Enigma Titanium bikes have disc brakes, Shimano electronic Di2 gears, and a varying list of high specification components.The specifications are fully listed under each of the individual bikes in the rental section.

The following Enigma Titanium bikes, designed and manufactured in the UK are available;

  • 60 EVOKE disc
  • 59 ECHO
  • 57 ECHO
  • 56 ESCAPE disc
  • 56  EXCEL disc
  • 56 ESPRIT
  • 55 EXCEL  record
  • 54 EVOKE DISC54 ECHO di2
  • 53 ETAPE disc

Want to buy an Enigma titanium bike? All the fees charged for renting the Enigma titanium bikes will be refunded in full against any full price purchase of all Enigma Titanium Bikes as priced on the Enigma Bike Works website. As the agent for Enigma in South Cumbria I am in the position to supply all new Enigma bikes in any variety or size to anywhere in the world.

Love the Enigma you have just ridden? All the bikes in the list above are for sale as used or ex demo bikes. A limited stock of new Enigma Titanium bikes is available to be viewed by appointment.