Cycling in COVID-19 Lockdown 2021… The Rules

by | Feb 15, 2021 | News

Getting out on our own bikes is a great way to boost our mental and physical heath and wellbeing in these extraordinary times.

How can you continue to legally ride in this Lockdown?

The current restrictions allow you to cycle as long as you adhere to the following rules.

  1. You should only ride alone, with your household/support bubble or one other person
  2. Stay local, ride within your limits and ensure you are self-sufficient (tools/repair kit/pump)
  3. Only leave the house to exercise once a day
  4. Keep a safe distance from others and practice good respiratory hygiene (i.e. no spitting, use a tissue)
  5. You can only leave home to exercise, and not for leisure (such as a picnic or a coffee break)
  6. If you need to travel, such as work or go to the shops, you are encouraged to cycle where possible
  7. Cycle safely at all times, do not take risks, as accidents will stretch the NHS further

What is the current meaning of ‘local’?

The Government’s definition is “your village, town or part of city in which you live” which is particularly restrictive to cyclists. Do they expect us to cycle round in circles? Clearly this needs the application of common sense!

Are there exemptions?

Yes. Elite atheletes are exempt. Let’s all aspire to be “Elite” cyclists.

The key to remaining sane during this third lockdown is to use the above rules, not guidelines, to your advantage. Ride safely, be prepared and self sufficient in case of punctues are mechanicals, ride well within your ability, and enjoy the freedom that cycling offers.

Meanwhile the bike hire remains closed awaiting Government information on the reopening of leisure facilities in the spring/early summer, who knows when?

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