Crossgates Bioenergetics samples for Cyclists

by | May 4, 2015 | News

A free sample of RRA tendons, muscles and ligaments BIM for everyone who hires a bike for more than one day. What, you may ask, are you offering? Well this is what I take every time prior to and after a cycle ride. This oral spray – yes that right you spray it on your tongue – is a “magic spray”!

It helps avoid stiffness in the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, and is a preventative to injuries, as “prevention is better than cure”. This is a homeopathic preparation which I have developed with Crossgates Bioenergetics over the last decade and it has been exhaustively tested on crazy snowboarders in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, horse event riders in the UK and mountain bikers.

What do they all have in common? Big air, big crashes and the need to bounce to continue their passions.

Crossgates have kindly agreed to sponsor cyclists here in Lowick with an oral spay which would normally retail at £15/bottle. Believe me it works. You can ask my grandchildren who call it the ‘magic spray’ as when they come in crying after a tumble a squirt on their tongue and instant silence… cured!

What’s in it you may ask? The A is for Arnica well known for its healing, anti pain and anti stress properties, R is for Ruta and R is for Rhustox and the Tendons and ligaments BIM helps avoid pulls and strains.

Try it and see! Your cycling may be a lot more enjoyable.

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