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by | Feb 23, 2016 | News

It’s a few years since I had my bike fit by Hewitt Cycles of Leyland, so I recently had a full physio and bike fit with Lifecycle in Milnthorpe.

Gavin Thomas runs Lifecycle and is a HCPC registered physiotherapist with 20 years experience of muscular-skeletal medicine treatment and evaluation. As an active cyclist, Gavin fully understands cycling as a cyclist and as a physiotherapist.

It is his unique approach of initially assessing his client’s physical anatomy and then fitting to the bike to the rider that attracted me to this opportunity. I must say I was very impressed by his methodical approach, explanations and patience in obtaining the best bike fit for my body.

  1. The results were very interesting .
  2. my right leg is at least 10% less efficient (powerful) than my left
  3. my pedalling stroke is very even and efficient
  4. the existing bike fit was very good and only needed a few tweaks to the saddle height and handle bar angles.
  5. my riding position was improved by the tweaks, as is proved by the angles on the photos below.
  6. my power output increased with a more efficient position on the bike without any more effort.
  7. riding my Enigma was more comfortable and relaxed

All this was achieved in a 3 hour assessment on Gavin’s state of the art cycle rig attached to his computer and then transferred to my Enigma bike.



After travelling to continental Europe and North Africa the Enigma bike had slipped from its original bike fit. Not by much but enough to make a big difference. This visit to Lifecycle was a wake up call as to how easy it is for your cycling body to be inefficient and potentially very uncomfortable in the wrong settings.

I can only recommend Gavin at Lifecycle to all cyclists whatever level they ride. It’s easy to buy a good bike but very difficult to obtain a perfect bike fit. Gavin can be contacted at:

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