Trek Powerfly 7 Hardtail Flagship E-Bike (L)



Rider Size 5'10'' - 6'3'' (178-190cm)


£70.00 / day

£120 / 2 days  |  £180 / 3 days  |  £55 each additional day

“New for 2021, this Trek 7 hard tail has all the latest Bosch electronics and the 625 battery for all day enjoyment.”

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  • Trek Powerfly 7 large alloy frame with front suspension forks
  • Bosch 625Wh battery
  • Bosch CX Performance GEN4 motor
  • Bosch kiosk display
  • Hydraulic Shimano disc brakes
  • Bontrager 29 wheels with Bontrager Comp 2.3 tyres

What does the Mountain E-Bike Offer You?

Power! Power to guarantee enjoyment! Imagine bombing up the hills in maximum turbo-power, enabling you to fully enjoy the downhills with all your extra saved energy. You can enjoy cycling with your friends knowing you have extra E-power for the steepest of tracks.
They have an E-power range of 40-60 miles depending on terrain, usage and battery size and a maximum assisted top speed of 15mph but you can go as fast as you want downhill. Never used one before? Why not enjoy the many local off-road trails, many leading to nearby Grizedale Forest.
If you’ve never ridden one before… then you must. They are so much fun!

You have to be 14 years and over to legally ride an E-bike.


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