Valley to Valley – The Climbs of Furness

Distance: approx 40-60 miles

This landscape of the South Lake District is an area of finger valleys dug out by the glaciers of the last Ice Age. The valleys which contain Coniston Water, Lake Windermere and the Duddon and Lyth rivers, all have sharp steep escarpments between them. These small hills rise steeply from the valley floors offering a variety of gradients and distance to test your legs, lungs and attitude.

This is a ride where a lot of pre-ride discussion needs to take place as there are so many options as to which climb, from which direction, but if fatigue sets in at any time we are never far from Lowick. On this cycling adventure we can include all the climbs of Bessy Bank, Graythwaite Hill, Gummers Howe, High Newton Heights, Seatle Hill, Bigland Hill, Subberthwaite Common Climb, Grizebeck Hill and finally the Broughton Beck Bastard to name but a few.

This is a true test of your cycling fitness for cyclists not used to climbing and long rides.

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