Trek Super Commute 8 Flagship E-Bike (L)



Rider Size 5'10'' - 6'6'' (178-198cm)


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£60.00 / day

£100 / 2 days | £140 / 3 days | £40 / each additional day

“A perfect bike for enjoying the Lake District hills and mountain passes.”

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  • Trek Super Commute aluminium 60 frame
  • Bosch 500Wh battery
  • Bosch CX Performance GEN3 motor
  • Bosch Purion display/computer unit
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Bontrager wheels with Schwalbe Moto X 2.4 tyres
  • Bosch lights, mudguards, pannier rack

What is an E-Bike?

Electric bikes offer additional power. They have a full range of gears and you still have to pedal but the E-power makes cycling so much easier. Hills are no longer a problem! These E-bikes supplement our fleet of conventional bikes and can allow everyone to enjoy cycling with their friends and family. They have an E-power range of 60-80 miles (depending on battery size and usage) and a maximum assisted top speed of 15 mph but you can go as fast as you want downhill!

You have to be 14 years and over to legally ride an E-bike.

3 reviews for Trek Super Commute 8 Flagship E-Bike (L)

  1. rob

    I had some tall friends who wanted to accompany my family on a guided e Bike tour. This bike was a perfect fit and although he had not ridden an ebike before after john’s quick instruction was away.. We had such a perfect family and friends guided ebike tour along the lanes and tracks of south Cumbria with John and Ren.

  2. Graham Walsh

    I tackled the 28 mile route up the quiet east side of Coniston, over the top and along Windermere lakeside. The bike was comfortable with an upright riding position, ideal for those who want to take on a decent days riding without the need for speed. It took on the ups and downs of the route with ease and tackled both road and gravel no problem. The Bosch motor provides pedal assist up to 15mph. The standard ‘eco’ setting is sufficient for most of the route as long as you use the gears like a normal bike. It was easy to shift up to the ‘tour’ setting when in low gear for steeper sections and the ‘turbo’ for very steep hills, though I only engaged this a couple of times. The display on the handlebars is intuitive to use. I used about 2/3 of the battery life over the day but a a better or faster rider would eek out more life perhaps. I’m not a great bike rider but I managed this moderately hilly route easily enough. I would probably have struggled on some sections without the assistance so the bike opened up a new experience for me.

  3. john Sutcliffe

    This is Trek’s top of the range multi purpose road bike. For some very odd inexplicable reason this bike is really easy to pedal at speeds in excess of 15 mph. That’s when the electrical assistance ceases and pedal power takes over. Maybe its so fast on the flats as the E-power assists you so much going up hill that you have extra energy to pedal faster on the flats? Try it and see for yourself. At last a real road E-bike for the largest ,tallest riders.

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