Trek Super Commute 8 Flagship E-Bike (M)



Rider Size 5'10'' - 6'2'' (178-188cm)


(8 customer reviews)

£60.00 / day

£100 / 2 days | £140 / 3 days | £40 / each additional day

“A perfect bike for tackling the Lake District hills and mountain passes on the road.”

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  • Trek Super Commute 8 aluminium 56 frame
  • Bosch 500Wh battery
  • Bosch CX Performance GEN3 motor
  • Bosch Intuvia display/computer unit
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Bontrager wheels with Schwalbe Moto X 2.4 tyres
  • Bosch lights, mudguards, pannier rack

What is an E-Bike?

Electric bikes offer additional power. They have a full range of gears and you still have to pedal but the E-power makes cycling so much easier. Hills are no longer a problem! These E-bikes supplement our fleet of conventional bikes and can allow everyone to enjoy cycling with their friends and family. They have an E-power range of 60-80 miles (depending on battery size and usage) and a maximum assisted top speed of 15 mph but you can go as fast as you want downhill!

You have to be 14 years and over to legally ride an E-bike.

8 reviews for Trek Super Commute 8 Flagship E-Bike (M)

  1. rob

    I hired these 2 ebikes for a family group guided tour for my friends who had not ridden e bikes before. We all had a great day out in the Easter sunshine with John and Ren guiding us.

  2. Fred P

    FRED WHITTON CHALLENGE on two 500 batteries. My son wanted me to back him up as he rode this epic ride so I called John who said this E-bike would be perfect for the job. The offer of a second battery was to try to ensure that I would have sufficient battery assistance over the entire 100mile + ride.What a ride, what a bike , and Yes ,we both completed this challenge in the warmth of August. I only ran out of battery power for the last few flat miles into Ambleside but with such great gearing this was not a problem. Thank you John for ensuring everything worked out perfectly.

  3. Chris

    John tells me this is his best E-Bike. I can tell you that it is a real treat to ride. I had so much fun, covered so many miles and returned to Lowick with hardly a bead of sweat on my brow but a very large grin on my face. Ride this bike for a great day out.

  4. C. Townsend

    Just hired this bike for a couple of days including long all day rides. I am astonished how long the 500 battery lasts when cycling up and down the Cumbrian lanes.The 4 levels of assistance provide every need, and Turbo is only required on the steepest of hills, most of the time the Eco setting is all thats need. I can only heartily recommend e-bikes and especially this top of the range Trek bike.

  5. mrs r

    What bike other than this electric bike would enable me to ride Britains Best Ride with my husband? He arrived back well tired after cycling, on his hired Enigma bike, over Wrynose pass. Yet cycling up Wrynose in turbo mode was very easy for me. What a blast to beat my husband at his own game!! Cheating? Not at all as without this e-bike I would not have attempted to join my husband on this great cycling adventure. This Trek e bike enabled us to have a fantastic days cycling together.

  6. John Sutcliffe

    Just done a 60 mile ride on this bike which took in Kirkstone Pass,the Struggle, Red Bank ,Grasmere ,Langdale Valley to Blea Tarn, Wrynose Pass Ulpha Fell and finally Grizebeck hill. The battery just lasted to get me home.
    The only way I could do this ride with all this climbing was on this bike as I was riding with two very fit young cyclists. They were very impressed. This is a perfect example of one of the many diverse opportunities E-Bikes offer.

  7. Mr M McConville

    I was conned into joining a group of keen road cycling friends for a weekend in the Lakes. Having not ridden a bike for 6 months and being unfit I spoke to John who recommended this bike. What a good job he did as it enabled me to keep up and even overtake the rest of the group on the hills, but above all enabled me to totally enjoy myself. We cycled so far that the battery went flat two miles from home but this was not an issue as this bike is so well geared I peddled home with no problem. (maybe I used the electric power too much on the hills flying past my mates?)

  8. John Sutcliffe

    This E-bike is made to eat up theLakeland roads. With the powerful Bosh CX motor and a 500 battery there is a good 60 miles of assistance when used carefully. 4 levels of assistance help you peddle effortlessly up to 15mph, the maximum speed of motor assist allowed. But you can always cycle faster as you glide down hills! This is the “top of the range” Trek road E-bike, and is so very easy to use. Pure cycling enjoyment.

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