Trek Powerfly 5 – 17′ E-Bike (Medium)

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£45.00 / day

7 days or more: £39.29 – £55.29 / day

Frame: Alpha Platinum Aluminium
Gears: Shimano
Wheels: Bontrager XR850 rims stubby tyres
Battery: Bosch 500. Assist levels 50%, 100%, 175%, 250%
Drive: Bosch CX Performance
Comments: On or off road this is a great ride for the Lake District
Rider size: 5ft 6 to 6ft 4

What is an E-Bike?

Electric bikes offer additional power. You still have to pedal but the additional power makes your cycling much easier. These E -Bikes supplement the existing fleet of conventional hire bikes and allow a relatively unfit person to enjoy cycling with the rest of their family or friends. They have an assisted range of up to 60 miles, and a maximum assisted top speed of 15mph.

You have to be over 14 years old to legally ride an E-Bike.

If you’re unsure about booking online, you can contact John direct via tel: 07887731552 or email:

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2 reviews for Trek Powerfly 5 – 17′ E-Bike (Medium)

  1. Margaret Rigby

    I’ve never been mountain biking before and my husband suggested I join him on a medium off road route.

    How glad was I to rent an ebike, and how jealous was he as I tackled the terrain with ease.

    You still have to work hard and of course pedal, but having the power at your finger tips meant I was able to concentrate on the terrain and not my breathing/fitness (or lack of it had I not been on an ebike).

    We went on some pretty steep off road tracks and even if you stopped, starting again was a breeze in ‘sport mode’. You just turn off when going downhill. The power assist was so simple to use and in conjunction with the simple gearing meant I was soon leaving my sceptical husband in the dust.

    He of course had to try and declared the bike a ‘revelation’. We can now enjoy a sport together and travel at the same speed. No hanging around waiting for me this time.

    100% awesome bikes. Next time I’m planning a longer ride.

  2. Caroline Rowland

    What a grand day out on this beauty! It was my first time on a e-bike and John patiently took me through all the “dos and don’ts” and we had a trial ride before heading out to get used to the optimum cadence required to get the best boost.

    On flat roads we didn’t really need any extra power at all as everything runs so smoothly and efficiently. Off road is where this bike shines. The disc brakes gave me 100% confidence in tackling quite technical single track and where a boost was needed, just a flick of a switch and even cobbly steep hills were an absolute breeze.

    Getting into the right cadence on the uphills is important and you can put in as much effort as you want, so it’s still possible to finish your ride feeling as though you’ve had a great work out. Despite this, if you’re new to cycling or are worried about dodgy joints, your cycling experiences will never be the same after trying out his bike. The 9 gears are smooth and the 4 power boost levels are extremely easy to operate. Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. All the controls are on the handle bars, allowing quick easy changing without compromising on manoeuvrability

    We did a 33 mile loop up from Lowick, up some steep hills into Rusland, Newby Bridge, Broughton, Cartmel and Bouth. This included lots of lovely leafy traffic free lanes, Bridleways and forest tracks. Plenty fabulous views out across the estuary and up into the lakes. Even when we got lost it was no effort to retrace because we could rely on the extra power.

    Like the previous reviewer I started with a big smile on my face and finished with an even bigger one! Maybe that was the lovely lunch at the White Hart in Bouth.

    I would definitely recommend this bike in the future and am already looking forward to my next trip.

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