Trek Powerfly 5 – 15′ E-Bike (Small)

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£45.00 / day

Frame: Alpha Platinum Aluminium
Gears: Shimano
Wheels: Bontrager XR850 rims stubby tyres
Battery: Bosch 500. Assist levels 50%, 100%, 175%, 250%
Drive: Bosch CX Performance
Comments: On or off road this is a great ride for the Lake District
Rider size: 5ft 4 to 5ft 10

What is an E-Bike?

Electric bikes offer additional power. You still have to pedal but the additional power makes your cycling much easier. These E -Bikes supplement the existing fleet of conventional hire bikes and allow a relatively unfit person to enjoy cycling with the rest of their family or friends. They have an assisted range of up to 60 miles, and a maximum assisted top speed of 15mph.

You have to be over 14 years old to legally ride an E-Bike.

If you’re unsure about booking online, you can contact John direct via tel: 07887731552 or email:

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4 reviews for Trek Powerfly 5 – 15′ E-Bike (Small)

  1. Jonny Benson

    I had a brilliant time out with my first ever go on an E-Bike! I’m normally a road rider but this time I had a hugely enjoyable ride both on and off road, with seemingly no hill or terrain off limits! The battery assist cycling really helps with steep slopes and longevity of distance but it doesn’t take away from the exertion levels as you still have to peddle hard, it’s just that you get a boost meaning you get up the hills easier and quicker if you want to, having the ability to adjust the level of added power with a simple flick of the buttons on the handle bar. It has traditional gears too so all in all adds another level of control and choice to how difficult the ride is and how far you want to go. And it’s still great exercise and loads of fun, I highly recommend it to cyclists of all standards whether you’re novice or pro, whether you want to ride hard or take it easy! What a great surprise, I’ll certainly be back for more, thanks John!!

  2. Mark

    I rented 2 E-bikes for the day with my daughter and we had a great day out. We managed to cover a great distance as well as have stops for lunch and to enjoy the views. The route up to Tarn Hows was made so simple with the easy to use battery assisted bikes. The booking process was ever so simple and I received a confirmation very quickly. On the day of rental from the minute we arrived, John and his wife were ever so friendly. John was very enthusiastic, providing route advice and a little lesson in the use of the bikes. He also provided everything we needed from helmets, to pumps and lock plus puncture repair kits, the bikes were awesome and virtually new. I will definitely rent the bikes again, thank you John.

  3. Sarah Hollingsworth

    First time in 10 years riding a bike and never rode an ebike before. Would 100% recommend this to anyone. Gives you an amazing experience in which without this bike would be difficult if your not used to riding uphill etc. Just gives you that extra support when required. I just loved this bike so much I’m considering one to get me to and from work!

  4. Sarah Greatrix

    Me and my friend loved this bike! My friend hadn’t rode a bike in over 15 years and this was so simple to use! We covered 25 miles riding up alongside Coniston Water taking in some epic views, down through Grizedale Forest, exploring some fabulous country roads on the way back. This bike made difficult ascents a breeze and gave my friend a lot of confidence. I would definitely recommend and will definitely be back!

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