Raleigh Motus Tour Step-Thru Pink (XS)



Rider Size 4'4'' - 5'0'' (132-152cm)


£49.00 / day

£88 / 2 days | £130 / 3 days | £40 / each additional day

“For the smallest of cyclists this bike offers leisurely touring on the country lanes, with the pedal assist E-Power to flatten any hill.”

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  • Extra small alloy frame
  • Bosch active line motor
  • 400W Bosch Battery
  • Shimano gears 11-36
  • Wide maraton tyres
  • Pannier rack/lights
  • Front suspension

What is an E-Bike?

Electric bikes offer additional power. They have a full range of gears and you still have to pedal but the E-power makes cycling so much easier. Hills are no longer a problem! These E-bikes supplement our fleet of conventional bikes and can allow everyone to enjoy cycling with their friends and family. They have an E-power range of 60-80 miles (depending on battery size and usage) and a maximum assisted top speed of 15 mph but you can go as fast as you want downhill!

You have to be 14 years and over to legally ride an E-bike.


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