Keep Inspired During this 2021 COVID Winter Lockdown

by | Jan 27, 2021 | News

We are all seeking inspiration to help stay heathy both in mind and body this winter. So, apart from all the doom and gloom on TV along with their exercise regimes, here are some alternative recommendations to help.

  1. Try something new by mixing up your usual exercise regime, join a regular on line local class, support your local exercise class leaders who are shut down and resorting to online classes. Multi-discipline exercises will lead to enhanced cycling fitness and more enjoyment when you can get out on the bike.
  2. Dream in your minds eye of past great rides in the Lake District and of future cycling adventures. Give yourself things to look forward to as the days slowly lengthen. Plan ahead (which is really difficult as we have no idea when the current lockdown will be relaxed). But, as days warm and the daffodils flower, we are allowed to ride our bikes for longer.
  3. Exercise with a friend, either virtually on line or responsibly outdoors, where the current COVID restrictions allow. Currently the regulations do allow for 2 persons to exercise together while social distancing. It’s surprising how verbal contact with someone from outside your household can boost the mental wellbeing.
  4. Setting yourself flexible, short-term goals will help January disappear and February fly by. Keep them achievable, controlable and try to make them fun. Remember, we are ready and waiting for the relaxation of the Lockdown so we can reopen and it will be Spring  when we can hire bikes again.
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