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E-Bike Myths Debunked

Are you in the market for an E-bike but not sure just how they work?Or what you need to ride an E-Bike on the road? The hire E-Bikes offer you the ideal opportunity to try cycling on one for a day without any sales pressure as we hire bikes and do not sell new E-Bikes so my view is very impartial.

Here are a few E-Bike facts;

  1. No tax or insurance is required to be legal on the UK roads
  2. Just like a normal road bike no licence is needed either
  3. Pedal assisted E -Bikes boost your power as you pedal. Stop pedalling and the power stops too, so its safe and easy to ride and handle.
  4. Works exactly like a normal geared road bike when the power assistance is turned off.
  5. All my Bosch motors on the E-Bikes have 4 different power modes ,giving you just the amount of power you need when you need it.
  6. Children need to be 14 years or older to legally ride an E-Bike on UK roads
  7. The maximum speed of assistance is 15mph go down hill at 16 mph and the motors assistance automatically turns off.

Hire an E-bike from my fleet and experience for yourself the pleasures of cycling longer,further and with out as much effort ,but remember no power without pedalling!

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