Bikes for Sale – Now In Stock

ENIGMA Titanium Road and Gravel Bikes (see bike specs below).

In 2018 we became the South Cumbria agents for the Enigma Bike works for demo rides and bike sales. We will stock a few new Enigma titanium framed bikes all with disc brakes and Ultegra Groupsets. Our range of demo Enigma Titanium Road bikes are also available for sale or hire. All hire fees for the demo Enigma bikes will be refunded in full against the full retail price of all new Enigma bikes as priced on the Enigma web site. Please find Enigma warranty details here.

This bike will give the optimum titanium ride experience, with thrilling performance, legendary smoothness that only titanium can offer.


This bike is best for faster road cycling, with generous cleareance for 28/32 tyres. This is a very comfortable bike equally suitable to long days in the saddle.


This new version only released in January 2018, has a slightly more comfortable frame geometry than the Evoke. The frame is aimed at the road touring cyclist for long days in the saddle, and can accommodate up to 35mm tyres.


This Enigma gravel bike is their adventure bike. With tyre clearance up to 40mm,a more relaxed frame geometry, this is the bike capable of off road rides on broken roads, tracks and bridleways yet equally at home on the road.